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About NuDhrI

NuDhrI’s Fruit Rolls & Products are comparative low-calorie, convenient and light weight snack for growing kids, pregnant ladies and adults in general. It contains no added sugar or thickeners or harmful preservatives. It just provides nutritive, vitamins and minerals, which are missed by fussy to eat kids or so busy people that they are not able to eat direct fruits and veggies, or a friend for the travellers to munch on something more natural, healthy, tasty and yet mess-free and guilt free snack to satiate the hunger pangs, or sweet / healthy cravings.
In a world where everyone is thinking about fitness and health, most people are overly concerned about what they eat. It is important to consume well-planned meals, which will assure you of some essential natural nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are one of the best; sources of it. With the boom in technology and few better processes, it is now possible to preserve them and enjoy it through-out the year. NuDhrI’s products are made with good amount of nutrition and texture maintained than the ones dried directly in the Sun or other methods; NuDhrI Fruitlyes Fruit Rolls are made by simply converting fruits into fruit rolls, which is equally nutritious as the original fruit; only that it has a higher shelf life.
All the products are infused with natural nutrients of the fruit, veggies or the dairy, good for digestion and have cleansing powers, Aids Weight loss as it is fiber rich and helps stay away from fatigue and other diseases.
Some commercial products include potentially unhealthy ingredients, like more amount of sugar and sugar types, thickeners, preservatives, corn syrups, artificial flavors and colours, essences, food colors, synthetics, added chemical minerals, vitamins and nutrients which are actually not beneficial. It is against the principals of NuDhrI to use any type of unnatural harmful additives. We only USE ingredients obtained directly from mother-nature which are NATURAL and UNPROCESSED.


How We Work

NuDhrI follows HOMEMADE policy, where only 100% fruits and veggies are used to prepare the products, in minimum heat required to process it into its form rather than using high or uneven temperatures where all the nutrition are burned or evaporated or products which are not properly dried. It is made in pollution free and homely hygienic atmosphere.
NuDhrI basically selects each seasonal fruit and veggies of FIRST QUALITY, processes it in the best manner to retain its nutritional value. It adds few natural fruits and vegetables or sources alike required helping store the product for longer shelf life (longer storage life) consumable. Additionally each Fruit roll is wrapped and cut along high quality parchment paper to help it from getting sticky and enhance it shelf life as to help it avoid air or moisture contact with the rolls. And even if any portion is left with moisture then it helps it sustain. Also the products are first packed in nitrogen flushed air to preserve its freshness for longer time.
NuDhrI’s products are a good Sweet Treat too, which can be substituted with sweets containing high levels of sugar, cocoa, and other additives which is harmful in short/long run.
Therefore, try NuDhrI’s Fruit Rolls, chewy chips, Crispy sticks, Cravers, and healthy fits an EASY PICK NUTRITIVE pack which is Easy to Carry /Gift- Yummy-Nutritional-Mess Free” Natural Product to Every One, Every where, Every time.

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