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Even during the lockout, NuDhrI remembers and wishes you a healthy and safe time. Eat healthy, exercise and spend moments you never could with family this time. Let it become a mini family at-home holiday. Play board games or watch a movie together. Just in case you have a  NuDhrI box around, enjoy with family – not only does it taste delicious, but it’s packed with all the richness and vitamins and minerals you need to be strong!

Simple Way to Boost Immunity During COVID-19 is increasing your intake of Vitamin C.If your kids don’t like or enjoy the real fruit try our dehydrated forms for a rich and ever fun way to getting the best of Vitamin C and nutrients to keep you healthy and strong against the fight with COVID-19.

Our products add value to your other healthy meals and lifestyle giving you a chance against COVID-19. Watch us BOX out COV-19 to the count of 10!

Tell us how you and your family have bonded during these 21 days of the lockout and win amazing treats from NuDhrI.