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Fruit rolls are just natural 100% pureed fruits of different mixes to enhance nutrition and taste in that roll without any kind of additives. As to sweeten the product very mild amount of natural honey is been used in some of the variety.

Everybody who consumes normal food can consume these yummy, nutritive, mess free, 100% natural fruit rolls. They are healthy and tasty.

Consuming 50 grams is approximately consuming 600grams to 1kg of those fruit mixes. (subject to moisture and content & weight of the fruit and its pulp.)

They are manually made and dried in machines and further processed in utmost traditional way to enhance the joy of love given while making the product. It is all hand crafted in its natural form.

To keep the product natural and free from starch, essence, colours, sugar and other chemicals or additives or preservatives—the taste is tired to be 90% same each time you consume since no additives are used to make these rolls. So the natural taste of the fruit is the only thing you will taste each time.

The colour may darken after 3-4 months, but that is natural, it is still good to consume, try consuming it soon once you open the packet. Please keep it in air tight and moisture free boxes or zip pouches. Please remove the parchment paper (butter paper) before eating it.